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Bot and Server Features

Behind Our Infastructure

Both House Of Bots Discord Server, and House Of Bots Discord Bot run through the Discord Official API. Using this we are able to properly optimize our Bot and Server for latency and stability giving you the user the best user experience!


All our backend code is developed in Python; a modern coding language based on simplicity and with web3 in mind. We are planning for the future, and have all our backend shards are ready to take on thousands of new servers!


Everybody loves Music! With this in mind, we have included a complimentary slash command-based music Bot. If that wasn't cool enough we also allow the bot to stay in your voice channel 24/7. Voice quality may vary depending on how many servers are using the music feature at once.


We are committed to keeping both our Support Server and Bot secure and a safe place to be. We have moderators and developers online around the clock to help moderate and keep our Bot as updated with the latest security features.

Web Dashboard

Here at House Of Bots, security is at the top of our list! To help keep our Server and Bot as secure as possible, we have made all our Bot commands exclusive to Discord. This means that we have no settings modifiable outside of Discord. Remember that House Of Bots will never reach out asking for personal information outside of Discord for any reason!

Next Level Secerity

With secerity being very important to us, we take many extra steps to keep your information seccure on our end. There is a very select few people who can view your information on our side; like less than 3. Also we use SHA 256 Encryption(Used by the United States National Security Agency) to protect your data.

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